A little about Pixie And Lily Anna

I’ve talked in the past and posted about some of Pixie’s other fetish work(Beauties in Bondage, Bound to Burst, and her tickling stuff.  Lily has done some actual mainstream porn along with spanking.  Also some female domination stuff.  On Hot Movies, there is quite a bit of stuff.

153026.cover    166432.cover



Many MANY more videos besides these.


There also used to be two videos with spanking scenes with Lily and Pixie.  They were both removed from the site a while ago, unfortunately.  Was the only glimpse of Pixie topping a male that I could find anywhere.  Also contained a scene where Pixie said something like “I’m just a little fairy princess” after each spank.  There was also another really hot video where pixie was acting really sexy, and Lily(and I forgot who the other girl was) gave pixie a spanking and paddling to bring her down a peg or two.  I hope these videos pop up somewhere else.  They were really enjoyable.


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