The Spanking Zone’s NCAA Bracket

I haven’t been this blind going into this tournament since before high school.  Not that I was ever an “expert” in college basketball, but I always at least had an idea of who the favorites were, and what the popular upset picks are.  This year I know absolutely nothing.  Well, I read a little bit, but that was after I had already filled out this bracket.   I picked Mich. State because of my respect for Tom Izzo as a coach, and also because I didn’t think many people would pick them to win the whole thing.  As it turns out, when I looked at all the odds, they are tied with Kansas and UNC as the favorites to win the whole thing.  All 3 teams are 5 to 1 to win it all.  So, so much for that.  I’m going to post my bracket that I filled out before reading anything, and make that the official spanking zone bracket.  I expect it to be in the trash by the end of the weekend the latest.  Then I will post another bracket which I filled out for another league.  Hey even “a blind squirrel” right?

Well I can’t figure out how to get these snapshots any bigger so I will try playing with it more later.  For now you could only see from my final 4 on.





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