Spanking Duos 8

Today I’m going with 2 cuties from Realspankings, Jessica and Brandi.  Both girls are very pretty and petite.  Both have nice little bottoms.  Each girl has their own website(Spanking Teen Jessica and Spanking Teen Brandi).  They have both made multiple appearances on the other’s website.  Jessica and Brandi take spankings from those who are in charge, and they also give each other proper spankings.

These 2 naughty girls find all different ways of getting in trouble.  They get spanked in all different states of dress, and with all kinds of implements.  You would think these severe spankings would keep them in line, but that is certainly not the case.  Check them out on the two sites mentioned above in “Ditching School,” “Caught Smoking,” “Spanked for Bratting,” “Strapped With Jessica,” “Classroom Caning,” “Cheerleaders Paddled,” and many more.  Along with all the scenes of them together, these naughty girls find ways to get spanked by themselves, and with other misbehaving girls.  They really are special(but very naughty) girls.



cheerleaders paddled 3

ditching school 2




stapped together

classroom caning


spanked for bratting


cheerleaders paddled.jpg


classroom caning

ditching school 1


smoking 1


smoking 2


ditching school


strapped with Jessica 1


ditching school 3


cheerleaders paddled 1


cheerleaders paddled 2


smoking 3


ditching school 5


ditching school 4


Strapped with Jessica 2


classroom caning 4


smoking 4


spanked for bratting 3


Strapped with Jessica 3


classroom caning 6


strapped with Jessica 4


spanked for bratting 4





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