Sports Radio/The New York Yankees

Giving everyone fair warning that I am taking a break from spanking with this post.  Plenty of spanking to follow shortly after.  The Yankees open up in a few days, and I’m getting excited.  Not necessarily that I think they will be great this year, but just to have baseball back, and it symbolizes nice weather is on its way(Not that I can really complain about this past winter).

Anybody who lives in NY and listens to sports radio has heard of The Mike and The Maddog Show.  It was the top show on WFAN for 19 years.  I remember sneaking out of my high school building during lunch to listen to them.  They did a reunion show this past Wednesday night and it was pure nostalgia.  On top of all the guests they had on, they posted a lot of old interviews on the WFAN website.  I’ve been looking for years for the one they did with George Steinbrenner back in 1990.  I had no luck and only heard clips here and there.  Well Wednesday I was able to stream the entire hour interview.  It was weird listening to him speak from that years perspective.  They were in shambles and couldn’t draw flies to The Bronx.  Who knew one of the great baseball dynasties was on it’s way.  If anyone else would get joy out of listening to an interview 26 years old click on the photo below.


The show was live from Radio city music hall and they raised over a million Dollars for the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

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