NCAA Bracket Craziness

When this thing first got started I didn’t think I would have anything to pay attention to.  Michigan State went down in the first round, and they were my champion in one bracket, and in the final 4 in the other.  As it turns out, going into the elite 8 I somehow had a legit shot in the second bracket(My let me just fill it out for the hell of it bracket).  When Kansas went down(Have them in the finals) I said ok, now I’m definitely finished.  So once again I stopped paying attention.  Then last night, the guy who runs the league and a really good friend of mine, texted me that if the Finals ends up being UNC, and Oklahoma I clinched the prize.  I almost fell off my bed.  Couldn’t see how that was possible.  Now this league is only 29 people.  But still, nobody had Oklahoma in the Finals?  Or if they did,. I guess they didn’t have them playing UNC?  Really weird.  So Oklahoma got their doors blown off, and I said ok, just yet another cock tease.  I’m definitely done now.  TURNS OUT NO!!!

If UNC wins the next 2 games I still take it!!!  If Syracuse wins the other guy takes it.  If UNC wins, it comes down to UNC vs Nova for the prize.  INCREDIBLE!  $10 a head winner takes all.  Not life changing but I’ll take it.

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