Pixie, Pixie, and more PIXIE!!

If I didn’t know any better I would think it’s the mid-2000s with all the new Pixie content.  Punished Brats has been consistently digging up and releasing never before seen videos, and now Firm Hand is dusting off videos more than a decade old.

In Punished Brat’s latest update a naughty and defiant Pixie stays out past curfew and doesn’t even call her stict Aunt Susan to let her know she would be late.  Pixie takes a hand spanking and the hair brush on her naughty bare bottom.  She then has to take her sorry, red, bare bottom to the corner.  Once again I am going to show the contrast between the original photos, and the photos just released.



7 (1)




Just Released:








In Firm Hand’s first pixie update in many years, Pixie refuses to do her chores.  She is sent to David who does not put up with any nonsense.  Her little bare ass takes a well deserved paddling.  She is paddled hard and to tears in this one.













3 thoughts on “Pixie, Pixie, and more PIXIE!!

  1. David Pierson has commented many times about Miss Wells’ high pain threshold. The first time he spanked her on camera she took him aside afterwards and complained that he did not spank her hard enough. In one of her “Cause for Paws” fund raising videos Pixie is spanked by her real-life husband (face not shown} and scolds “you can spank harder then that!” I know that Pixie is an educated and accomplished young woman but in my imagination she will always be a mischievous brat in need of discipline, which is why I love the recently released lost videos of her youth.

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