A Spanking Scene In A Wagon Train Episode Called Maggie Hamilton

It’s been on my mind for a while to do a post on my favorite spanking scenes in mainstream TV.  But I have plans to do a lot of things with this blog, but it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing them.

I’ve mentioned a follower of this blog has sent me many spanking photos.  Just a very kind act from someone who enjoys this blog, and genuinely loves spanking.  I was not aware of this scene, as I don’t know much about television in the 60’s in general let alone spanking.  In this person’s opinion, the 1963 scene is the best spanking scene in television.  That’s a strong statement, so I went and looked it up.

I have to say this scene does have it all.  The bratty woman.  The stern no nonsense man.  A hell of a spanking.  Very loud reaction.  Tears, and remorse, as well as after care.  As a result I’d like to share this video with all of you.  This particular clip was put together by The Chicago Review.



2 thoughts on “A Spanking Scene In A Wagon Train Episode Called Maggie Hamilton

  1. On April 6, 1960, the 28-year-old Oliver played a spoiled young runaway, Maggie Hamilton, in “The Maggie Hamilton Story” on NBC’s Wagon Train. Flint McCullough, played by Robert Horton, searches for her so the wagon train can proceed on schedule. Another great spanking scene that year was on the show Rawhide. This from the Chicago Spanking Review: First and best of the Rawhide spankings occurred on June 10, 1960 in Incident of the Last Chance. A disobedient wife (Roxane Berard) runs away from the safety of the cattle drive, causing her seemingly mild-mannered husband (John Kerr) to take charge, fighting off two Indians and turning her OTK!

    Berard was probably the least well-known of the three spankees, but she acted her role well, yelping and wriggling delightfully all the way through her spanking. As you can see here, she also filled out the seat of her jeans rather nicely, and in fact those jeans helped make this spanking better than many other Western scenes in which the poor spanker has to contend with petticoats, bustles, and goodness knows what else as he tries to get at the seat of the trouble.

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