Memorial Day 2005, Firm Hands First Ever Memorial Day Release!

Firm Hand’s first ever Memorial Day Weekend release was back in 2003.  But 2005 was the first time they ever released a video on Memorial Day.  Sorority newcomer Nicole Page was being a bad girl, sunbathing in a thong bikini instead of going to class.  Big sister Analisa believes in enforcing the rules with strict old fashioned discipline.  The bikini bottoms offer no protection as Nicole’s bare butt takes a proper spanking.  Analisa knows that this is the only way to get through to naughty sorotity girls.










2015’s Memorial Day Weekend Releases From Punished Brats!

Punished Brats  released some excellent videos on Memorial Day Weekend of Last Year.  In Bully girls naughty Mandie and Adriana were bullies to the freshman girls.  They take a good strapping on their bottoms until it is bright red.  Both girls are very sorry and promise to never pick on the freshman again.

2 (4)

Pinup girl Audrey walked out on a client.  She told her agent that the photographer was a perv and was pleasuring himself in the corner.  The agent found Audrey’s actions to be unacceptable despite her excuses.  He gave her a proper bare bottom spanking.  She then would have to go meet with the pervy photographer to get paid with no panties and topless.  I think Audrey will think twice before ever walking out again.



Spanking In Pajamas

As I’ve said before, I’ve been into spanking for close to 3 decades.  For most of that time it was my personal secret that I shared with NO ONE.  That changed July of 2014 when I actively sought out a way to practice this long time kink of mine.  Before that I mainly just sought out photos and videos when I was alone.  Around that time I also more actively read other people’s profiles/blogs and learned a lot about terminology in the scene, and the different variations of spanking people enjoyed and practiced.  I was really surprised at how deep analysis about spanking could be.  What I liked most was that I would read a lot of my own thoughts and a lot of analysis of what I looked for when it comes to spanking, but never knew how to put it into words before.

One thing I knew before, but now consciously really understand, is that what surrounds the spanking can do a lot to escalate the experience.  The headspace involved, phrases used, lecturing or being lectured, the anticipation, the domination and submission that’s involved, facial expressions, embarrassment and humiliation, and so on.  As a switch the list is literally endless.

That brings me to this topic which is pajamas and spanking.  I love pajamas on a girl.  The material is nice to the touch for the most part.  Even when not necessarily skin tight, there’s something about the way the bottom peeks through the material that is a major turn on.  It’s also very easy to bare the bottom when a girl wears pajamas.

More than anything I love the psychology that is involved.  A naughty girl or boy being sent to bed with a sore bottom.  Giving them something to think about before going to sleep.  Having them sleeping on their stomachs because there bottoms are red and sore.  Maybe making them display that well punished bottom in the corner for a few minutes.  It’s all so fun to think about.

There are great scenes involving spanking at Punished Brats, Firm Hand, Claire Fonda’s sites, Real Spankings, Strict Women, Northern Spankings, and Sarah Gregory’s sites.