2 More Scenes With Amber Pixie Wells Released On Punished Brats

David Pierson continues to dig up more footage featuring hot, naughty, very spankable Amber Pixie Wells.  Punished Brats is the place to go for Pixie(both as a top and bottom) and the collection of videos you can find of her there, only continues to grow.  I hope they continue to turn up.  In this first scene. “Skip Day” naughty Pixie decides to watch movies all day with her friend instead of going to school.  Pixie’s mother unexpectedly came home and caught the 2 naughy girls.  Amber’s friend was sent home, and she was in big trouble.  Pixie was spanked over her skirt, panties, and then ultimately on the bare.  After her punishment was over Pixie wanted to change because with her short skirt her friends would be able to see that she was spanked.  Her mother said no, grabbed her by the arm, and led her out to the car.

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In the latest release, “Presidential Spanking” Pixie is president of a sorority known for academic excellence.  A few of the girls let their grades slip.  Pixie decides to give Holly the title of disciplinarian and the authority to spank slacking girls.  Pixie never imagined that she herself would need strict discipline.  When Pixie has a new boyfriend, her grades start to slip.  Soon enough the entire sorority can hear the sounds of a proper spanking coming from the presidents room!















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