Keratoconus/Dark Days In Sports

Another break from spanking talk here.  This post will be a bit grim, but nothing like that post a week or so ago.  I’m still shaken by the news of my friend’s wife.

I found out back in(December I believe) that I have Keratoconus.  It a degenerative disorder involving the cornea.  Due to my age I was hopeful that I would stabilize and at the very least my vision wouldn’t get even worse.  Well the condition continues to advance in my right eye, meaning that I will need to have a procedure done.  As surgeries go, this will be non-invasive.  However, it involves my eyes, so it’s not exactly something I’m excited about.  It’s possible that this procedure will reverse the condition at least a little, but at the very least the progression should stop.  Recovery time is a couple of weeks.

The stopping of the progression is very important.  If things continue as they are I could end up needing a cornea transplant.  I do not want this.  You’re talking a year recovery if it ever came to that.  Hopefully things go smoothly and I can get this procedure done and behind me sometime this month.

Sports have not been fun for me lately.  The Cowboys season was an absolute disaster.  I’m excited about Ezekiel Elliot behind that offensive line, but if Romo fucks up his clavicle again, it won’t really matter.  The Chicago Bulls have become a joke.  Tom Thibodeau is an excellent coach, and it’s more evident than ever now.  That front office is a joke.  I watched Thibodeau’s press conference in it’s entirety and he will do very well with Minnesota.  He’s got good young talent, draft picks, and plenty of cap flexibility there.  As far as the New York Yankees, they look old, and are boring.  They finally took their bats out of their asses a couple of nights ago, but last night it was back to the same shit.  They need to make some change, quickly.



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