Spanking Fun In Philly! Punished Brats Royalty

Last night I had a wonderful personal spanking experience.  As a switch, I got more than I could have asked for.  Why?  Because I had the pleasure of meeting the hot, cute, sexy, adorable, intelligent, sweet, and funny, Audrey from Punished Brats!  I could go on forever with the positive adjectives.

Unfortunately the night didn’t start off well.  On top of having to deal with rush hour traffic, I forgot that there would also be an incredible amount of Yankee Stadium traffic.  I left with only a 1/2 hour of extra time.  Knew right away that was a mistake.  At first I thought I would only be about 15 minutes late.  Then, as I only I could do, I merged the wrong way off an exit, even with having gps!  That added another 20 minutes to the trip.  When I had finally reached Philly it was a disaster.  Construction everywhere, and roads closed.  I started thinking I would never reach my location.  After being rerouted another 3 or 4 times, I finally got there 45 minutes late!  One thing I did do was message Audrey often.  I know a concern is, people setting these things up, and no showing.  I wanted to make it clear I was serious in my interest to session, but just planned terribly.

When I finally arrived I was in for another surprise.  I walked through the door and not only was Audrey standing there, but sitting in the center of the room behind a desk was Veronica Bound from Punished Brats!  I was in awe of all the star power in one room!  They were not very pleased with me.  And for very good reason.  I can say I got my first ever lecture and tongue lashing from the very strict, no nonsense, Veronica!

Audrey was nice enough to still allow me to have the full amount of planned time with her, and I assured her it wouldn’t happen again.  I was still in for a much needed punishment.  I took a hard OTK bare bottom spanking from her.   Then I got the hairbrush both otk and bent over, along with some shameful corner time.  As cute and sweet as she is, this girl can really spank a naughty boy.

When it came time to spank her, I really couldn’t come up with a good reason.  She’s hot, has a really nice ass, and I really want to, was all I could come up with.  First I spanked her over sexy designer jeans, black panties, and then her glorious bare bottom.  After that she changed into cute kitten pajamas and nice purple panties.  I once again spanked her over both layers and then once again her, now red, bare bottom.  I told her how amazing her ass is, and she is the perfect mix of both sexy and cute.  Her top cheeks were starting to match her bottom ones!



I always like to leave time after the spanking to just talk.  Whether it’s vanilla or spanking.  Not only was this girl a pleasure to spank and be spanked by, but the range of music on her phone was anywhere from Guns and Roses to Britney Spears, and she loves Cats!!  She had me turning red towards the end when she told me I’m sweet and funny.  I went to bed last night with a sore bottom and a very happy guy.  I’m already thinking about my next trip out to Philly!


If you would like to have your own experience with this lovely girl go here for more information…..

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