More Pixie On Firm Hand Spanking

Recently Firm Hand has started releasing videos that they purchased a decade ago from David Pierson, of Punished Brats.  They have been releasing them since mid-april under “Secret Archive.”  I reviewed the first video in which Pixie was given a hard spanking by the principle.  I will discuss the next 3  and then more in a later post.

Pixie’s punishment was not over after the bare bottom spanking and paddling.  Principle David wanted to really send the message home.  She had to bend over and take a paddling with a bigger paddle on her already sore and red bottom.  Then it was off to the corner with her sorry butt on display.






In the next video naughty Pixie breaks curfew by 2 hours!  She gets arrogant and bratty with David, thinking she is too old to get the spanking she deserves.  Watch her bottom and back of her thighs turn a beautiful shade of red!







This is not the end of Pixie’s punishment.  David wants to make sure she understands that disobeying him and breaking curfew has serious consequences.  At bed time she once again bends over his knee, has her PJs pulled down, and is given a hard spanking with the hair brush.  It is then off to the corner with her bare red bottom on display.








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