What Happened to The Regular Speedy Updating?

I know I had said that I would be in one place for a while and would do a lot of updating.  I failed to do this.  😦  Mainly because of the terrible internet connection in the hotel.  They give you shitty connection free and I didn’t want to pay for the better connection.  I also didn’t want to spend down time fighting with and cursing at my computer.  I’m currently in a Starbucks in Chicago and wanted to at least give some sort of update.

Anyone who thinks that I should be punished for this, don’t worry.  I got punished plenty over the weekend.  I have the marks and bruises to prove it.  For now I’m going to show some photos of naughty girls I spanked.  I will talk specifically about some models I had the pleasure of meeting over the weekend, who also gave me permission to talk about our sessions.  That will happen before this week is over.


alex corner time


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A Trip To Fenway Park?

Before I get to that, as you can see I haven’t been posting.  I’ve been doing a lot of traveling.  Now that I’m settled in one place for a while, I’m hoping to get a lot up on here.  Here’s a little about my first destination.


It was a couple of months ago that my cousin asked me if I wanted to go to Fenway Park.  She and her husband took a trip to Boston and wanted to see Fenway.  As much as I detest The Redsox, Fenway is the oldest ballpark left and I do love baseball history.




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I didn’t get heckled much despite wearing all my Yankees stuff.  Any that did take place was all in good fun.  These two older gentleman who sat in front of me were really nice.  Both were great baseball fans.  Really enjoyed talking baseball with them, and hearing a lot of old stories.  And lastly was very happy the White Sox won 3-1 in extra innings!


Trip to old time ballpark+time with family+good company+Redsox Loss=VERY successful trip to Fenway!


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  I would especially like to wish the greatest father ever, a Happy Father’s Day, my own!  The man is truly amazing.  No one’s plate has more on it than his, and he just keeps on rolling along.  It’s absolutely amazing what he’s been able to accomplish, and continue to accomplish.  He provided the best, most functional, and most comfortable home life anyone could possibly have for myself and my 2 sisters.  Unfortunately he wasn’t provided with the same.  Just the most amazing man this world has ever seen.

Here are a couple of scenes where fathers spank naughty girls.

In Real Spankings Mr. M leaves his daughter and her friend home alone.  This proves to be a mistake as he finds the outside of his house trashed.  Both girls take a thrashing and are then put into corner time with their sore red asses on display.









On Firm Hand Spanking Samantha Woodley has once again gone on the swing after being told repeatedly by her father it wasn’t safe.  To make matters worse Samantha is very disrespectful to her father.  She is bent over outside and given a bare bottom spanking.  She is then dragged into the house and given an OTK bare bottom spanking.












In this Punished Brats Update both Pixie and her father were left “To Do” lists by Pixie’s mother.  Pixie’s list had a bunch of general chores on it.  Her father’s list, however had “spank Pixie” on it.  Pixie had borrowed her mother’s car without permission, and turned her cellphone off when her mother tried to call her.  Pixie tries to get out of it, but her father remains firm.  She gets a proper bare bottom spanking for not following the rules and having a fresh mouth with her mother.












Spanking Duos 10

I have known for a while which 2 naughty girls I was going to use for this special 10th edition.  2 naughty, cute, talented, blonde, petite, and unfortunately retired brats, with very nice spankable bottoms.  Amber Pixie Wells and Juliet Valentina!  You can find all the content of them together on Punshed Brats.

You can find 4 videos with both brats on the Punished Brat’s site.  3 of them with both brats getting spanked.  The other one a very strict Pixie spanks a naughty Juliet.  There are also a lot of great photos of the 2 of them together in a special archive on Punished Brats.



















In “Smokin’ Gym Shorts” the naughty girls get spanked for smoking.  Pixie takes the blame saying they are her cigarettes, even tho they are Juliet’s.  As a result Pixie takes the more severe spanking.  At the end of the scene, a very sore Pixie says “you owe me.”










In “Socialite Sisters” two very spoiled bratty girls need to learn some respect.  David knows just how to accomplish this.  The girls are stripped of their money and given a bare bottom spanking.  Followed by corner time with their red bottoms exposed.










In Home Schooled Brat Juliet is being homeschooled.  She has her maid Pixie do her homework for her.  When Veronica finds out about this she is furious.  She gives Juliet a much deserved bare bottom spanking.  She then gives Pixie a thrashing with the hair brush for doing Juliet’s homework.









“Sick Day” a very naughty Juliet calls out of work sick, even tho she isn’t sick at all.  Just wanted the day off.  She thinks she is safe when her friend Pixie is sent to check on her,  thinking that Pixie will cover for her.  But she couldn’t be more wrong.  Pixie makes sure to give her a real reason to need off of work.    A very sore bottom.  She takes a thorough and embarassing bare bottom spanking from a strict Pixie.

















Some Bad Luck Lately

I  don’t have an appointment regarding my eyes until August.  In the mean time, my vision without my glasses just continues to deteriorate.  I was able to function and even cleared to drive without my glasses, but I’m not sure that would be the case anymore.   And the appointment in August  isn’t even for a procedure.  It’s just a consultation.

My grandmother is in the hospital(my only living grandparent).  Problems breathing, and she’s 87.  Reasons to be nervous for sure.

Just the other day someone smashed my rear car window on the left side.  Strangely the asshole who did it didn’t take anything just made a mess.  Wonder wtf the person was looking for.


If There Is A Heaven I Can’t Imagine It Being Much Better Than This

In 2 videos on Punished Brats, gorgeous but naughty Hunter teams up with beautiful but strict Audrey.  In “Discipline at the Firm”, Hunter makes the big mistake of leaking confidential company information.  For this she must endure a bare bottom spanking and corner time with her red butt on display!

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Another scene featuring these 2 beauties is “Detention With Miss Audrey.”  Naughty Hunter has cut class.  Miss Audrey isn’t buying any of Hunter’s lame excuses and tells her she must face up to what she did, and accept the consequences.  She takes a severe OTK barebottom paddling!





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Remember you can make your own(unfilmed) scenes with live play with Audrey!  Click on the photo below for more info!



You can see Adorable Hunter’s amazing videos by clicking the photo below(these videos go beyond spanking).