Cheerleader Spankings! Sarah Gregory’s Newest Site!

Right around the new year, the lovely and talented Sarah Gregory. released a new site Cheerleader Spankings!  I have finally taken the time to become a member and check it out.  As far back as I can remember I have fantasized about putting a cheerleader over my knee, flipping up her skirt, pulling down her panties, and giving her a bare bottom spanking.  This site already has a lot of amazing content on it.  It features beautiful spanking models such as Sarah(of course), Joelle Barros, Adriana Evans, Lily Swan, Mandie Rae, Stevie Rose, Ten Amorette, and MANY more!  Even gorgeous, well known veteren Erica Scott has done a scene in a cheerleading outfit.  She herself is shocked that happened!  I guess persuasion is another of Sarah’s many talents.

One scene in particular that I have to mention,  is “Stolen Cheer Routine.”  This scene stars Sarah Gregory, Joelle Barros, and Lily Swan.  What a trio!

Sarah has found out that her cheeleading rivals Joelle, and Lily have been spying on her squad’s cheer routines.  She threatened to call the cheer council if the girls didn’t submit to being punished.  The girls submit to a shameful bare bottom paddling.  Sarah wasn’t done there.  She was able to turn the girls against each other, and they gave each other a paddling!  Sarah finds these series of events amusing!  This video has great F/F action, hard spanking, humiliation, and very sore and sorry bottoms!  And this is just one of the many videos you can find on “Cheerleader Spankings!”

















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