Happy 10th Anniversay Punished Brats!

To celebrate 10 years of Punished Brats lets look back at 2 of the initial video releases featuring Pixie.


In “Bad PR” Pixie is an employee with a bad attitude.  She told a client to go screw himself.  And then had the nerve to make excuses for her behavior to her boss.  In order for naughty Pixie to keep her job she must submit to a spanking.  Hand, Paddle, and Cane on the panties and bare.  She is warned that any such behavior in the future will be dealt with in this manner.











In “Bottom Dollar” Pixie doesn’t show herself to have very good skills as far as budgeting money.  She and her boyfriend are on a 5 day vacation in Vegas and she has already blown half her money the first night.  Her boyfriend is infuriated with not only Pixie’s poor money management, but her sassy attitude.  He drags her over to the bed and swiftly pulls her over his knee.  A spanking is what this naughty girl with an attitude needs.  When he gets to the bare, he pulls out the hairbrush.  That sass and attitude turns to tears and remorse, along with a very sore bottom!








What a view!  YUM!


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