Welcome Back Dreams of Spanking!

It was a week or 2 before BBW 2015 that I had read somewhere online about the terrible laws and regulations in England.  I had discussed it with a couple of pros during BBW.  So this means that Pandora has had her site down, and been fighting these awful laws for well over a year.  It is a great pleasure to congratulate Pandora on her victory, and the return of her wonderful site!(Dreams of Spanking)  I hope this is a victory not only for her, but anyone who happens to be in this industry, in England.

I wanted to further show my support by joining Dreams of Spanking for the first time ever.  The first thing I noticed is the amazing quality and look of all her photos and videos.  This site is also the first one I’ve ever come across that has every combination of top and bottom possible(M/F, F/M, F/F, and M/M).





A lot of scenes go beyond spanking, with some sexual acts and other embarrassing and humiliating punishments.  I may not be into everything this site provides, but I give Pandora a lot of credit for having something for everyone.  The range is amazing!  Dreams of Spanking features wonderful models such as, Pandora, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ten Amorette, Alex Reynolds, Leia-Anne Woods, Caroline Grey, and many more!







Alex Reynolds





It is a shame that we have all been deprived of this great content for so long.  I highly recommend Dreams of Spanking!


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