Some Bad Luck Lately

I  don’t have an appointment regarding my eyes until August.  In the mean time, my vision without my glasses just continues to deteriorate.  I was able to function and even cleared to drive without my glasses, but I’m not sure that would be the case anymore.   And the appointment in August  isn’t even for a procedure.  It’s just a consultation.

My grandmother is in the hospital(my only living grandparent).  Problems breathing, and she’s 87.  Reasons to be nervous for sure.

Just the other day someone smashed my rear car window on the left side.  Strangely the asshole who did it didn’t take anything just made a mess.  Wonder wtf the person was looking for.


2 thoughts on “Some Bad Luck Lately

    • Thanks Rich. At least I got some good news about my Grandmother. She’s doing better, and will probably get out of the hospital soon. Going to try my best to visit her tomorrow.


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