Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  I would especially like to wish the greatest father ever, a Happy Father’s Day, my own!  The man is truly amazing.  No one’s plate has more on it than his, and he just keeps on rolling along.  It’s absolutely amazing what he’s been able to accomplish, and continue to accomplish.  He provided the best, most functional, and most comfortable home life anyone could possibly have for myself and my 2 sisters.  Unfortunately he wasn’t provided with the same.  Just the most amazing man this world has ever seen.

Here are a couple of scenes where fathers spank naughty girls.

In Real Spankings Mr. M leaves his daughter and her friend home alone.  This proves to be a mistake as he finds the outside of his house trashed.  Both girls take a thrashing and are then put into corner time with their sore red asses on display.









On Firm Hand Spanking Samantha Woodley has once again gone on the swing after being told repeatedly by her father it wasn’t safe.  To make matters worse Samantha is very disrespectful to her father.  She is bent over outside and given a bare bottom spanking.  She is then dragged into the house and given an OTK bare bottom spanking.












In this Punished Brats Update both Pixie and her father were left “To Do” lists by Pixie’s mother.  Pixie’s list had a bunch of general chores on it.  Her father’s list, however had “spank Pixie” on it.  Pixie had borrowed her mother’s car without permission, and turned her cellphone off when her mother tried to call her.  Pixie tries to get out of it, but her father remains firm.  She gets a proper bare bottom spanking for not following the rules and having a fresh mouth with her mother.












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