Back In The Empire State



Got in late Thursday night and I was exhausted.  There is nothing like the first night back in my own bed.  GLORIOUS.  It’s nice to be back, and I feel energized.

I will get into more detail about my time away soon.  Things are going to be crazy through the 4th with work.

I’ve found when things are swirling around in my mind, blogging helps.  As you all know this latest trip included a lot of spanking, and meeting up with many in the scene.  It’s been almost a year now since I had a very unceremonious fallout with someone in the scene(well not really in the scene anymore, but I’m willing to bet still discretely making money partaking in some play).  It still stings but this person’s true colors are what they are.

The fallout is a little confusing.  Obviously the close friends of the fake, two faced, fraud are not going to think much of me.  But I sensed negative vibes from friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, and in some cases friends of friends of friends of friends.  I say this confuses me, because I have never done anything to any of these people personally.  With that said, the nice people I met, and the warm welcoming I felt from many, and the great play, more than made up for that other stuff.

So it’s great to be back.  Barring something unforseen the frequent posting and updating is also back!

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