Leggings/Yoga Pants 6

While I was away I had the chance to speak to many pro spankos.  I was very happy to hear that more scenes that include girls in Leggings/Yoga pants are in demand.  Not surprising.  I can’t be the only one that sees a girl in those pants and immediately wants to put her over my knee.

These photos are from the following tremendous sites: Punished Brats. Firm Hand Spankings, Real Spankings, Dreams of Spanking, Spanked in Uniform, and Reality Kings.


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4 (1)


maxresdefault (1)

a-real-high-school-paddling-for-teen-girl-in-yoga-pants-a-3 (1)




caseyyoga2 (1)

422365410543107 (1)


double-wooden-paddle-punishment-01-450x253 (1)


step-mom-spanking-daughter-otk-001 (1)


school-paddling-videos-with-bruised-bottoms-1 (1)


tumblr_npk6j4Rqps1sd51n3o1_500 (1)



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