Video Update Labor Day 2015 By Punished Brats

In “She Can’t Drive 65” by Punished Brats, naughty and spoiled Audrey has her pick of all but one of her father’s cars to drive.  She decides to drive that one car, the porche, and to make matters worse she crashes it.  Her father will not tolerate this kind of behavior.  She gets a proper spanking over her dress, then her panties, and then finally her bare bottom.  Watch her tremendously nice and naughty bottom turn a nice shade of red.  After her spanking Audrey is sent to bed.  To further her punishment, Audrey will have to wear a thong bikini and show off that red ass the following day.


1 (2)


3 (4)


5 (4)


12 (2)


7 (4)

You can see many videos featuring Audrey at Punished Brats.


Also if you’re in the Philly area Audrey is available for live sessions!!  Go HERE for more info!

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