NFL Is Back! Week 1 Picks!

Looking forward to the return of football Sundays.  With football comes those gorgeous cheerleaders, and their very spankable bottoms.

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars


Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - VIII













I’m going to continue with my weekly picks this year.  Because it’s week 1 I don’t have that great a feel on most of these teams.  So there won’t be much analysis.  I could basically flip a coin on a lot of these.

Tomorrow night the Carolina Panthers visit The Denver Broncos.  Rematch of last year’s Superbowl.  I see the results being the same.  Yes Peyton has retired, but they won despite Manning, not because of him.  Plus they are getting a point at home.  I’ll take The Broncos +1.

The Tampa Bay Bucs visit The Atlanta Falcons.  I think the spread for this game is perfect.  I see the Falcons winning by a field goal.  Tampa and Winston will be much improved.  I see The Falcons winning their home opener in a close game.  I’ll take the points.  Give me The Tampa Bay Bucs +3.

The Minnesota Vikings visit The Tennessee Titans.  I’ll take The Titans +3.

The Bengals visit The Jets in a Pickem.  I’ll take the home team, New York Jets.

The Oakland Raiders visit The New Orleans Saints in a pickem.  Even tho The Saints are not the same team, they still have Drew Brees, and the Superdome is still a very tough place for a road team to play.  The Raiders are showing signs up improvement, but I’ll take The Saints in a Pickem.

The Cleveland Browns visit The Philadelphia Eagles.  I see the Eagles having a successful home opener.  I’ll take The Eagles -7 1/2.

The San Diego Chargers visit The Kansas City Chiefs.  I see The Chiefs winning but 7 1/2 is too many points.  I’ll take The Chargers +7 1/2.

The Buffalo Bills visit the Baltimore Ravens.  Baltimore is always a tough place to play.  I’ll take The Ravens +3.

The Chicago Bears visit The Houston Texans.  I don’t see the Texans having much trouble in this one.  I’ll take The Texans -4 1/2.

The Green Bay Packers visit the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I think Green Bay has too many weapons for the Jags.  I took GB in one of my survivor leagues.  I’ll take Green Bay -4 1/2.

The Miami Dolphins visit The Seattle Seahawks.  Seattle is still the toughest place in the league to play and Miami is very flawed.  I’ll take The Seahawks -7 1/2.

The New York Giants visit The Dallas Cowboys.  I’m surprised the line is so high considering Romo is hurt, AGAIN.  It may be time for Romo to start thinking about is it really worth it anymore.  He may have to start thinking about his quality of life moving forward.  It’s a shame.  All that talent and he just hasn’t been able to stay healthy or put it all together.  Still the Cowboys have a lot of weapons on offense, which should help take some of the pressure off Prescott.  And with The Giants putrid offensive line I’m not sure they could take advantage of Dallas’s hurting defense.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -4.

The Detroit Lions visit The Colts.  I see The Colts winning this one at home by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Colts -6.

The New England Patriots visit The Arizona Cardinals.  I’m surprised to see NE favored.  I think even The Pats will have trouble against a very good Cardinals team on the road.  I’ll take The Cardinals +1.

The Steelers visit The Redskins.  I have no feel at all for this game.  I’ll take the home team Redskins and 3 points.

The new LOS ANGELES Rams visit the San Fransisco 49ers.  I think this is going to be another long year for the 49ers.  I’ll take The Rams +1.






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