Results For NFL Week 1 Picks: Picks For NFL Week 2

A pathetic showing for The Spank  ing Zone for NFL week 1.  6-10.  I would have predicted as much.  The good news is there is a lot of room to improve for week 2.  Here are my picks minus Thursday of course.


The Titans play the Lions in Detroit.  The Lions are home coming off a big win, and Tenn looked pathetic last week.  I’ll take The Lions -6.


The Chiefs visit The Texans.  I’ll take The Texans -1.


The Dolphins visit The Patriots.  I’m at the point now, that whenever I bet against The Pats and lose, I tell myself I got exactly what I deserved.  Even without Brady I don’t see any way The Dolphins win this game.  I’ll take The Patriots -6 1/2.


The Ravens visit The Browns.  As usual The Browns are absolutely AWFUL.  I’ll take The Ravens -4 1/2.


The Bengels visit The Steelers.  Tough to call, but I’ll take the home team.  Give me The Steelers -3.


The Dallas Cowboys visit The Washington Redskins.  This game worries me, because The Skins will look to bounce back after last weeks embarrassing loss, and they are home.  But I am going to biasly make The Cowboys my first dog pick.  Prescott showed some good things, even tho he did struggle with a lot of the tougher throws.  I also think Elliot will have a much better game than in week 1.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -3 1/2.


The Saints visit The Giants.  I think The Giants will probably win a shoot out, but not by more than a field goal.  I’ll take The Saints +4.

The 49er visit The Carolina Panthers.  Even the 13 points doesn’t scare me for this game.  Carolina is going to be out for blood, after last weeks tough loss and they are home.  Even with The 49ers winning last week, I still don’t think they are any good.  I think it says more about The Rams than it does San Fran.  I’ll take The Carolina Panthers -13.


The Buccaneers visit The Cardinals.  It think The Cardinals will bounce back after last week, but I think it will be a close game.  I’ll take The Bucs +7.


The Seahawks visit The Rams.  The Rams are terrible.  They couldn’t even score against a bad 49ers team.  I don’t think this game will be close.  I’ll take Seattle -4 1/2.


The Colts visit The Denver Broncos.  This is a tough one.  Gun to my head I think Denver probably wins by a touchdown which means they cover.  I’ll take The Broncos -6 1/2.


The Raiders visit The Falcons.  The Raiders surprised me with a big win in NO.  Atlanta doesn’t look very good and The Raiders are home.  I’ll take The Raiders -4 1/2.


The Jaguars visit The Chargers.  This is another coin flip game for me.  Jaguars are improved, and The Chargers blew a big lead and had a terrible loss against KC.  I usually go with the home team when I stuggle to make up my mind.  I’ll take The Chargers -3.


The Vikings visit The Packers.  I don’t think The Vikings will be able to do much to stop Aaron Rodgers and that GB offense.  I’ll take GB -3.


The Eagles visit The Bears.  I’m kind of surprised The Bears are favored in this game even tho they are home.  I’ll take The Eagles +3.








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