Northern Spanking’s Great Content

Northern Spanking is run by Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds.  I met Paul a few months ago, and his genuine love for spanking and the business is obvious.  Alex is as authentic and sweet, as she is adorable.  The 2 of them work real hard to bring on the best models, and create some of the most amazing videos.  They have worked with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Amy Hunter, Bailey Sullivan, Dorothey Burnett, Ella Hughs, Elizabeth Simpson, Harley Havik, Leia-Ann Woods, Maddy Mark, Pandora Blake, Sarah Gregory, Violet October, and many, MANY more.  They have an endless library ranging in all types of spankings, and scenarios.

One masterpiece recently added by Northern Spankings is “By Court Order.”  This video features Alex Reynolds, Harley Havic, Violet October, and Cupcake Sinclair.  They are to face corporal punishment administered by Paul Kennedy.  Harley, Violet, and Cupcake will all recieve 25 with the cane for prostitution.  Alex will recieve 25 with the birch for “wounding with intent.”  They are also humiliated by being forced to strip off all their clothes, and have their naked bodies inspected before the punishment.  Paul is a pro with the impliments, and it makes for some great reactions, and 4 red, marked up, sorry, little bottoms.























Join Nothern Spankings to see this GREAT scene, and MANY others!

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