Week 3 NFL Picks 2016

Matching or beating last week is going to be a tall order.


As I’m getting ready to make this post I came across this SHOCKING news.  Jose Fernandez a top baseball pitcher for the Marlins dies at age 24 in a boating accident.  Absolutely HORRIBLE.  My condolances to his family and friends.



The Denver Broncos visit the Cincinnati Bengals.  I look for the Bengals to bounce back after last weeks division loss.  I’ll take The Bengals -3 1/2.

The Raiders visit the Titans.  The Raiders are the better team in my opinion.  I’ll take The Raiders -1 1/2.

The Cardinals visit The Buffalo Bills.  The Bills are horrible.  I’ll take The Cardinals -4 1/2.


The Ravens visit The Jags.    I’ll take The Jags +1 1/2.


The Browns visit The Dolphins.  As bad as the The Browns are I don’t think the Dolphins should 9 1/2 point favorites against anyone.  I’ll take The Browns +9 1/2.


The Redskins visit The  Giants.  I see this game coming down to a field goal.  I’ll take The Redskins +4.


The Lions visit The Packers.  I see The Packers bouncing back at home in a high scoring game.  I’ll take The Packers -6  1/2.

The Vikings visit The Panthers.  I see The Panther continuing to surge after last weeks impressive victory.  I’ll take The Panthers -6 1/2.


The 49ers visit The Seahawks.  I think The Seahawks are going to be out for blood after ast weeks loss.  And they are home.  I’ll take The Seahawks -10 1/2.


The Rams visit The Bucs.  I think the Bucs are the much more talented team and they are home.  I’ll take The Bucs -3 1/2.


The Steelers visit The Eagles.  I think this game will come down to a field goal either way.  I’ll take The Eagles +4.


The Jets visit The chiefs.  Another game where I think the line is perfect so I will take the Points.  I’ll take The Jets +3.


The Chargers visit The Colts.  The Colts absolutely have to win this game if they want to have any kind of a season.  I see Andrew luck getting it done in a high scoring game.  I’ll take The Colts -1 1/2.


The Chicago Bears visit The Dallas Cowboys.  The spread is a little high but I think Dallas is definitely the better team, and Prescott continues to improve and gain confidence.  Hopefully Eliott has learned how to hold onto the ball.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -7.

The Falcons visit The Saints.  I have no feel for this game, so as always in that situation I’ll take the points.  I’ll take The Falcons +3.




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