NFL Picks Week 4 2016

Let’s see if I can make it 3 winning weeks in a row.  As usual I’m not getting these in, in time for the Thursday game.  Also I didn’t realize there was a game in London this week, so I’m also too late for Colts vs Jags.

The Browns visit The Skins.  I’m picking The Browns for the second week in a row because once again I don’t think their opponent is good enough to be a 7 1/2 point favorite against anyone.  Also the Browns have played tough the last couple of weeks.  I’ll take The Browns +7 1/2.

The Bills visit The Pats.  EVERYONE is picking The Pats.  I have said before that when I pick against the The Pats I get what I deserve.  The Bills are coming off an impressive win last week, Ryan is usually good against QBs with no experience.  Plus there is not much logic to this, but it seems too obvious.  Feel like Vegas knows something.  I’ll take The Bills +3 1/2.

The Seahawks visit The Jets.  I think it’s safe to say Fitzpatrick won’t be as bad as last week but The Jets are also stepping up in class as far as defense.  I’ll take The Seahawks -1.

The Falcons visit The Panthers.  Falcons have played better than I expected and The Panthers have been way worse than I expected.  Also the Falcons are home.  I’ll take The Falcons +3.

The Lions visit The Bears.  I hate giving up 3 points with The Lions against anyone, but I think I have to here.  Bears are dreadful and have no offense.  I’ll take The Lions -3.

The Titans Visit The Texans.  I took The Texans in my survivor pool.  But I am worried about it.  The most popular pick of the Skins, makes me nervous for some reason.  I’ll take The Texans -4.

The Raiders visit The Ravens.  The Ravens continue to be a solid team especially at home.  Even tho The Raiders are improved I don’t think they are ready to win in a place like Baltimore.  I’ll take The Ravens -3 1/2.

The Broncos visit The Bucs.  I have been wrongfully picking against The Broncos.  Watch them lose now that I decide to take them.  I’ll take The Broncos -3 1/2.

The 49ers visit The Dallas Cowboys.  I think Dallas is clearly the better team.  Prescott continues to improve as is their running game.  They have studs up and down their offensive line.  Other than their one impressive win week 1 The 49er have played as we have expected them to.  I’ll gladly take The Dallas Cowboys -1 1/2.

The Saints visit The Chargers.  I don’t think either team is very good but they can both score points.  I’ll take The Chargers -4 because they are home.


The Cardinals visit The Rams.  I would expect The Cardinals to bounce back in a big way after what happened last week.  9 1/2 points is a lot, but I can easily see The Cardinals winning by at least 10.  I’ll take The Cardinals – 9 1/2.


The Cheifs visit The Steelers.  I see this game coming down to a field goal.  I’ll take the points.  Give me The Chiefs +3.


The New York Giants visit The Vikings.  The Vikings have been impressive and they are home.  The Giants have a lot of flaws.  I’ll take The Vikings -4.












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