So last night I was attacked verbally, and falsely accused yet again.  Words like “threat” and “Stealing” thrown around like crazy.  The attacks are fine.  The way this idiot goes about it is comical.  Does it in a social media setting in which he knows people will swarm and grab onto his fat ass, and gang up.  But that’s the way he and one of his close friends goes about it.  Everything is round about.  Everything is cowardly.  Lies and deceit are not below these people.

I suggest getting a dictionary and looking up the word threat.  Stating how much pleasure would be brought to you if a certain event happened, is NOT threatening to do it.  It’s called being honest.  Another foreign concept to this moron.

And I’ll voice my opinion about someone anytime I want, with or without that fat ass’s permission.

I also want to remind the idiot who was the first to start with the personal attacks and stick his ass in the middle of the situation.  If you’re going to dish it out, you should be prepared to take it as well.

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