NFL Picks Week 5 2016

Other than week 1 it has been a solid start to the year for the spanking zone with NFL picks.  Trying for a 4th straight week of above 500 picks!

The Texans visit The Vikings.  The Vikings have played as well as just about anyone this year, especially on defense.  Plus they are home.  I’ll take The Vikings -6 1/2.


The Titans visit The Dolphins.  A matchup of 2 bad teams.  Titans have the edge at QB and they are getting points.  I’ll take The Titans +2 1/2


The Patriots visit The Browns.  The return of Tom Brady.  A backdoor cover worries me in this one but I have to take the Patriots despite the huge spread.  Give me The Patriots -10.


The Jets visit The Steelers.  The Spread definitely scares me in this one.  The Steelers have been really good and the Jets have struggled.  But I just have a feeling The Jets will play well today.  I think The Steelers will win, but I’ll take The Jets +9.


The Redskins visit The Ravens.  I think this game will come down to a field goal either way.  So I’ll take The Skins +3 1/2.

The Eagles visit The Lions.  The Eagles have been one of the surprise teams this year and the Lions have been awful.  However I think The Lions will be a desperate team today, and they are home.  They don’t win today, they have probably dug themselves a hole too big to climb out of.  Win or lose this game will come down to a field goal.  I’ll take The Lions +3 1/2.


The Bears visit The Colts.  Both teams have been really bad.  However in this situation I have to go with Andrew Luck.  It does worry me, that The Colts are coming off their trip to London and will be the first team ever not to have a bye directly after.  Despite that I’ll take The Colts -4.


The Falcons visit The Broncos.  Both teams have been surprisingly good this year.  This is another situation where I think the game will come down to a field goal and therefore have to take the points.  Give me The Falcons +4.


The Bills visit The Rams.  The Bills are coming off a huge win shutting out The Pats.  I expect them to continue playing well, despite being on the road.  I’ll take The Bills +2 1/2.


The Chargers visit The Raiders.  I have been wrong about The Raiders a lot this year, and I’m picking against them again.  Not because I don’t think they will win necessarily, but this another game where I have to take the points.  I’ll take The Chargers +3 1/2.


The Bengals visit The Cowboys.  I believe The Cowboys are the better team, are home, and are getting points.  Easy decision.  Too easy.  Which of course worries me.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +2 1/2.

The Giants visit The Packers.  I have a feeling that this  might be a bad week for me because I am picking so many dogs.  I am again  here.  I think The Packers will win, but I’m going to take the points.  Give me The Giants +7.


The Panthers visit The Bucs.   Here I go again!  I’m not giving up 6 points with Carolina against anyone right now.  I’ll take The Bucs +6.


Edit:  Above I said I expected The Bills to continue playing well.  Then I accidentally typed that I was taking the Rams plus the points.  Obviously I meant The Bills.  I hope everyone will take my word on this.  And I fixed it.



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