Results For Week 5 NFL/Dallas Cowboys Rolling!/Picks For Week 6 NFL 2016

The greatest week ever for The Spanking Zone.  11-1-1!  Figures my own state screwed me with my only loss, and only push.  But still, WHAT A WEEK.  Too bad I didn’t make a lot of real money bets.

That brings my record to a glamorous 44-27-1.

All-time record is now 98-79-6.

Not realistic to think I will beat last week, or even tie.  Just hope to be over 500 again.  Have to avoid a terrible week, so that this week can really stick.

Very excited about my Dallas Cowboys.  A lot of youth and excitement on offense.  With the way the line, Prescott, and Elliot are playing there is a lot to be optimistic about.  Some highlights from their win last week!:


Look at the blocking on this play.  Then once Elliot reaches the next level he uses his speed to split the only 2 guys who had a shot at him.  Then it became a footrace meaning NO CHANCE for the Bengals!






Now for this weeks picks:

The Bengals visit The Patriots.  With Brady settled back in and looking like he hasn’t missed a beat, and the way the Bengals have been playing I have to take The Pats – 7 1/2.


The Ravens visit The Giants.  This game will come down to a field goal either way.  I’ll take the points.  Give me The Ravens +3.


The Panthers visit The Saints.  Both teams have been awful.  Since they are home and getting points, I’ll take The Saints +3.


The Steelers visit The Dolphins.  The Steelers have been impressive this year, and The Dolphins have been anything but.  I’ll take The Steelers -7 1/2.


The Jaguars visit The Bears.  I have no feel for this game.  Normally with that the case I take the points.  But I actually put more into the homefield in this case.  I’ll take The Bears -3.


The 49ers visit The Bills.  Even with how the Bills are playing, and how awful The 49ers are, I’m not prepared to give up 7 1/2 points with The Bills against anyone.  I’ll take The 49ers +7 1/2.


The Rams visit The Lions.   If Detroit is going to do anything this year, they have to build off last weeks big win and beat The Rams at home.  I think they will.  I’ll take The Lions -3.

The Browns visit The Titans.  Picking The Browns and the points has been hit or miss this year.  I’m doing it again.  I’ll take The Browns +7 1/2.


The Eagles visit The Redskins.  I think the line is perfect for this one.  This tough division game will come down to a field goal.  With that the case I’ll take the points.  Give me The Redskins +3.


The Chiefs visit The Raiders.  The Raiders look like a very good, young, and up and coming team.  The Chiefs have not looked very good.  Also The Raiders are home and getting more than a point.  I’ll take The Raiders +1 1/2.


The Falcons visit The Seahawks.  I know The Seahawks are tough at home, but the way The Falcons have been playing this year I can’t give up that many points.  I’ll take The Falcons +7 1/2.


The Dallas Cowboys visit The Green Bay Packers.  Green Bay and Aaron Rogers hasn’t looked right so far this year.  With that the case, and the way The Cowboys have been playing I’m confident Dallas will win.  Plus I’m getting points.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +6.


The Colts visit The Texans.  Even as shitty as they have been this year, I’m still having trouble picking against Luck.  Plus I don’t think The Texans are that good.  I’ll take The Colts +3.


The Jets visit The Cardinals.  As bad as The Jets have been, I don’t see The Cardinals as the type of team that will blow teams out.  Even tho this has hurt me this year, I will once again take The Jets +7 1/2.





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