Results For Week 6 NFL/Week 7 NFL Picks 2016

So last weeks magical week was followed up with The Spanking Zone’s first under 500 showing since week 1.  6-7-1.

That brings the regular season record to 50-34-2.

All-Time regular season record is now 104-86-7.

For me football Sundays are just not the same with The Dallas Cowboys on a bye.  And the way they have been rolling, this is a terrible time for the bye to come.  Hopefully they get guys healthy, and keep the momentum going.  They need to stick with Prescott.  No reason to mess with what they have going.

Now for this weeks picks, minus Thursday and this morning’s London game.


The Vikings visit The Eagles.  I think The Vikings are the superior team.  I’ll take The Vikings -3.

The Saints visit The Chiefs.  I see The Chiefs winning by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Chiefs -6 1/2.


The Redskins visit The Lions.  This is a tough one to call and is a pickem.  I’ll take The Home Team Lions.


The Browns visit The Bengels.  The way the Bengals have played this year I’m not giving up 11 points against anyone.  I’ll take The Browns +11.


The Bills visit The Dolphins.  The Dolphins had an impressive win last week, but they will be facing a better D this week.  I’ll take The Bills -3.

The Raiders visit The Jags.  Both these teams are hard to figure out.  I think The Raiders have the better roster.  I’ll take The Raiders +1 1/2.

The Colts visit The Titans.  This has killed me all year but I have to take Luck again.  Especially getting points.  I’ll take The Colts +4.

The Ravens visit The Jets.  Ravens are tough to figure out and the Jets have been awful this year.  Without much confidence I’ll take The Ravens +1.

The Chargers visit The Falcons.  I see this game being a shootout in which The Falcons win by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Falcons -6.

The Bucs visit The 49ers.  I think either The Browns or the 49ers are the worst team in football.  I’ll take The Bucs +1.


The Patriots visit The Steelers.  After that embarrassing loss last week I expect the Steelers to play well at home.  Probably won’t win, but I’ll take the points.   Give me The Steelers +7 1/2.

The Seahawks visit The Cardinals.  This is a tough one to call.  I’ll take The Home Team Cardinals -1.

The Texans visit The Broncos.  The Broncos have been good this year, but I don’t think I can give up that many points.  I’ll take The Texans +8.







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