Week 12’s NFL Picks 2016 Continued

Went 1-2 on Thanksgiving.  Messed up on the Colts game because I didn’t realize Luck had a concussion.  That would explain the massive spread.

Chargers visit The Texans.  I think this game will come down to a field goal.  I’ll take The Texans +3.

The Titans visit The Bears.  Titans have been playing well, but I’m having trouble giving up 6 points on the road.  I’ll take The Bears +6.

The Jaguars visit The Bills.  I don’t think The Bills are good enough to give up 9 points against anyone.  I’ll take The Jaguars +9.

The Bengels visit The Ravens.  I have no feel for this game.  When that happens I usually take the points.  I’ll take The Bengels +3.

Arizona visits The Falcons.  Arizone has been a big dissapointment this year, and The Falcons have been tailing off.  I’ll take the home team Falcons -4.

The 49ers visit The Dolphins.  The 49ers are awful but I just have a feeling they will keep it close today.  I’ll take The 49ers +7.

The Rams visit The Saints.  7 1/2 points is a lot, but Drew Brees and The Saints have been playing well and they’re home.  I’ll take The Saints -7 1/2.

The Giants visit The Browns.  I thought for sure I would take The Giants, but it sounds like they are pretty beat up on the OL.  I’ll take The Browns +7.

The Seahawks visit Tampa Bay.  This is another tough one to call for me, so I’ll take the points.  Give me Tampa Bay +5 1/2.

The Panthers visit The Raiders.  I think this game will come down to a field goal either way so I have to take the points.  I’ll take The Panthers +3.

The Cheifs visit The Broncos.  I see the Broncos winning this game by at least 7 points.  I’ll take The Broncos -3.

The Jets visit The Patriots.  If The Jets can’t get up for this game they can’t get up for anyone.  I don’t think they’ll win, but I think they will keep it within a touchdown.  I’ll take The Jets +8 1/2.

The Packers visit The Eagles.  This is a tough week for me.  Another game I don’t have a feel for one way or the other.  So I’ll take The Packers +3 1/2.





Thanksgiving 2016 NFL Picks/Results For Week 9 Picks

Unfortunately I didn’t get around to making my picks the last 2 weeks.  What better time than Thanksgiving to get back on that.

After a few sub par weeks in a row I had a solid week, during week 9 going 6-4-2.

This Years Regular Season Record Is Now 65-43-4.

My All-Time Record is now 119-105-9.

And now for today’s games.  And it’s an exciting lineup.

The Minnesota Vikings visit The Detroit Lions in a big division game.  I believe these 2 teams are heading in 2 very different directions.  Vikings on the downside, and The Lions are starting to get it together.  I’ll take The Lions -1.

The Washington Redskins visit The Dallas Cowboys.  Weird things seem to happen with this rivalry.  It’s as if the records have been meaningless over the years.  Being bias has worked for me thus far this year, so I’ll stick with it.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -6.

The Steelers visit The Colts.  Andrew Luck getting 9 points and he’s home?  I can’t go any other way.  Plus this is not a vintage Steelers defense and The Colts have been playing a little better.  I’ll take The Colts +9.

So going with all 3 home teams on this Thanksgiving!

A Spanking Photo Mix 9

Last time I did one of these it was May!!  I think it’s time.

Lots of great content on Punished Brats, Firm Hand, Real Spankings, Real Life Spankings, Spanking-Experience, Dreams of Spanking, Northern Spanking, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Strict Women, and Sarah Gregory Spankings.



















































Jeans and Spanking 8

Before I get to the photos of some amazing denim glory, I just want to state how happy I am this election is finally over.  So much sleaze, phoniness, lies, hypocrisy, and corruption on both sides.  I find the hysterics all over social media comical.  None of the candidates are worth that kind of emotional investment.

Well that’s enough of my political opinions.  Nobody cares about that.  Now onto some tight jeans!  Lots of amazing content on Shadow Lane, Real Spankings, Real Life Spankings, and Spank My Bottom.



















The Cane 2

I thought that I had already devoted at least 2 posts to the cane, but after an extensive search I see that I was wrong.  I’d say this is long over due.

You can find lots of great content on Real Spankings, Spanking Teen Jessica, Firm Hand Spanking, Girls Boarding School, Real Strict Women, Spanking Online, Desire Her, Cheeky Spankings, Bring Back The Cane, Real Life Spanking, and London Spankings.











































2 of The Best From Punished Brats

Back in mid-October Punished Brats brought you a scene featuring 2 of the best in the business.  I have been following both Joelle and Audrey for a long time, and have had the pleasure of meeting them both personally.  They are both as sweet and a pleasure to meet in person, as they are talented spanking models.

In “High Cost of Living” naughty immature Audrey has Joelle irrate.  She has been ignoring Joelle’s texts all day, and gives her an attitude when she brings it to her attention.  Audrey has also not held up her end of the bills.  Joelle had to take out a loan just to keep them from getting kicked out of the apartment.

Joelle has decided that if Audrey is going to act like an immature little girl, then she should be treated like one.  She is dragged over her knee and is given a bare bottom spanking until she feels she has gotten through to Audrey.  Audrey is sobbing and very remorseful after the spanking.  She is then made to stand in the corner with her glorious big red bottom on display.  This is how Joelle will continue to address any of Audrey’s bad behavior.










As I’ve mentioned many times, if you are in the Philly area, the lovely Audrey is available for live sessions to make your spanking fantasies come true.  Click on the photo below for more info.



Results For Week 8/Week 9 NFL Picks 2016

Better, but yet another losing week for The Spanking Zone at 5-6.  Hopefully I can back on the winning track this week.


Regular Season Record Is Now 59-49-2.

All-Time Regular Season Record Is Now 113-101-7.

This weeks picks:

The Jaguars visit The Chiefs.  The Chiefs have been very good at home this week but for some reason I think The Jags will keep it within a touchdown.  I’ll take The Jags +7 1/2.


The Lions Visit The Vikings.  Vikings are a shell of the team they were early in the year.  Even on the road I’ll take The Lions +6.

The Eagles visit The Giants.  I think this game will come down to a field goal either way, so I will take the points.  Give me The Eagles +3.

The Dallas Cowboys visit The Cleveland Browns.  Dallas is without some key guys on defense and Cleveland is getting some guys back.  Still, with that offensive line, and just superior talent in general, I expect Dallas to win by at least 10 points.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -7 1/2.

The Jets visit The dolphins.  I think this is another field goal game either way.  I’ll take The Jets +4.

The Steelers visit The Ravens.  The Ravens have been very inconsitent this year, and Pitt gets their QB back.  I’ll take The Steelers -3.

The Saints visit The 49ers.  San Fran is awful, and The Saints have played much better than I thought they would.  I’ll take The Saints -4 1/2.

The Panthers visit The Rams.  Is last week a sign The Panthers are turning things around? At least for this week I’m going to say yes.  I’ll take The Panthers -3.

The Colts visit The Packers.  I see this game being a shootout with Green Bay winning by a touchdown.  So I’ll take The Colts +7 1/2.

The Titans visit The Chargers.  I think The Chargers will bounce back after last weeks division loss.  I’ll take The Chargers – 3 1/2.

The Broncos visit The Raiders.  Even with this game being in Oakland I’m surprised this game is a pickem.  I’d have a much easier time taking The Raiders if I was getting pionts.  I’ll take The Broncos in a pickem.

The Bills visit The Seahawks.  I think this game will be low scoring and The Bills will keep it close.  I’ll take The Bills +6 1/2.