2 of The Best From Punished Brats

Back in mid-October Punished Brats brought you a scene featuring 2 of the best in the business.  I have been following both Joelle and Audrey for a long time, and have had the pleasure of meeting them both personally.  They are both as sweet and a pleasure to meet in person, as they are talented spanking models.

In “High Cost of Living” naughty immature Audrey has Joelle irrate.  She has been ignoring Joelle’s texts all day, and gives her an attitude when she brings it to her attention.  Audrey has also not held up her end of the bills.  Joelle had to take out a loan just to keep them from getting kicked out of the apartment.

Joelle has decided that if Audrey is going to act like an immature little girl, then she should be treated like one.  She is dragged over her knee and is given a bare bottom spanking until she feels she has gotten through to Audrey.  Audrey is sobbing and very remorseful after the spanking.  She is then made to stand in the corner with her glorious big red bottom on display.  This is how Joelle will continue to address any of Audrey’s bad behavior.










As I’ve mentioned many times, if you are in the Philly area, the lovely Audrey is available for live sessions to make your spanking fantasies come true.  Click on the photo below for more info.



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