Week 12’s NFL Picks 2016 Continued

Went 1-2 on Thanksgiving.  Messed up on the Colts game because I didn’t realize Luck had a concussion.  That would explain the massive spread.

Chargers visit The Texans.  I think this game will come down to a field goal.  I’ll take The Texans +3.

The Titans visit The Bears.  Titans have been playing well, but I’m having trouble giving up 6 points on the road.  I’ll take The Bears +6.

The Jaguars visit The Bills.  I don’t think The Bills are good enough to give up 9 points against anyone.  I’ll take The Jaguars +9.

The Bengels visit The Ravens.  I have no feel for this game.  When that happens I usually take the points.  I’ll take The Bengels +3.

Arizona visits The Falcons.  Arizone has been a big dissapointment this year, and The Falcons have been tailing off.  I’ll take the home team Falcons -4.

The 49ers visit The Dolphins.  The 49ers are awful but I just have a feeling they will keep it close today.  I’ll take The 49ers +7.

The Rams visit The Saints.  7 1/2 points is a lot, but Drew Brees and The Saints have been playing well and they’re home.  I’ll take The Saints -7 1/2.

The Giants visit The Browns.  I thought for sure I would take The Giants, but it sounds like they are pretty beat up on the OL.  I’ll take The Browns +7.

The Seahawks visit Tampa Bay.  This is another tough one to call for me, so I’ll take the points.  Give me Tampa Bay +5 1/2.

The Panthers visit The Raiders.  I think this game will come down to a field goal either way so I have to take the points.  I’ll take The Panthers +3.

The Cheifs visit The Broncos.  I see the Broncos winning this game by at least 7 points.  I’ll take The Broncos -3.

The Jets visit The Patriots.  If The Jets can’t get up for this game they can’t get up for anyone.  I don’t think they’ll win, but I think they will keep it within a touchdown.  I’ll take The Jets +8 1/2.

The Packers visit The Eagles.  This is a tough week for me.  Another game I don’t have a feel for one way or the other.  So I’ll take The Packers +3 1/2.





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