Past Christmas Spanking Update On Sarah Gregory Spankings

I can’t find exact dates on Sarah Gregory’s Spanking videos, except for the most recent updates.  Being that this particular update was very deep in the archives I’ll assume it’s 2010 or right around there.  “Lazy Little Elves” is a GREAT spanking scene featuring Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James.

These 2 naughty little elves are supposed to be working, but instead Santa finds them hiding.  They must pay for their laziness.  Kat is found hiding by the tv, and is quicky dragged over to the couch and thrown over Santa’s lap.  She gets a sound spanking over her pants, panties, and then finally on the bare.  Sarah is hiding behind the curtain but it isn’t long before Santa spots her and gives her the same harsh punishment.  After both girls get a proper spanking, they are made to kneel on the couch to get a thrashing with an oversized candy cane.  Both their bare bottoms get a warming while they’re in a chriss chross position on the couch.  These elves will be finishing their work with very red and sore bottoms, to remind them that these are the consequences for being lazy!

















Check out this great Christmas scene, and lots more on!

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