Spanking and Spanish

With my latest quest to learn as much Spanish as quickly as I possibly could, I think it only makes sense that I have some fun with it on my blog.  I’ve been doing some browsing online, and there are some great Spanish sites and blogs out there, with some great content.  This will still be an English site, but I know maximizing my exposure and practice with the language will be beneficial.  Anything I post in Spanish will also be translated in English.  The only exception to this, is when I find a photo with a Spanish caption on it.

Lets start with some basics.

La Zurra/La Nalgada/La Azotaina-Spanking

El azote-Spank

Over the knee-Sobre la rodilla

La Flagelacion-Caning

Cepillo para el pelo-Hairbrush

Amber Pixie Wells fue puesto sobre esta tierra para ser inclinada y zurrada-Amber Pixie Wells was put on this earth to be bent over and spanked.

Solia Azotar el culo travieso de Pixie.-I used to spank Pixie’s naughty butt.






Fotos con subtitulos-Photos with captions








Blogs en español-Blogs in Spanish










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