Swimsuit Spankings 8

With the hot weather FINALLY here, I was in the mood to browse some of those swimsuit clad bottoms, and see some of those bottoms get spanked.  And of course share some of those photos.

Be sure to check out Northern Spankings, Mamma Spankings, and Cutie Spankee, for some excellent swimsuit spankings!

tumblr_od1kgegwQX1sqa3lko1_540 (1)


tumblr_opprnppyMw1qecwgro1_540 (1)




tumblr_o47xo24avq1thej0ko1_500 (1)


tumblr_nbc7zjHakC1t2hqh4o1_500 (1)


tumblr_o4w6gggg9y1thej0ko3_500 (1)


tumblr_o4w6gggg9y1thej0ko4_500 (1)


a2242849 (1)


tumblr_opl9eivdWJ1ts5uoxo1_540 (1)




tumblr_om278fNyNh1v68ds0o1_500 (1)


img003 (1)


maxresdefault (1)


1416495695968_Image_galleryImage_4_September_2014_Los_Ange (1)


bikini_bottom_asses_spanking_needed_cute_teens_7 (1)


CWB4irpU4AUCtpF (1)






swimsuit-3 (1)


MommaSpankings_swimsuit012 (1)


70c01860d06d1b778e8b00e7aa16728d (1)




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