Random Spanking GIFs 12

Even tho the average viewership of this blog has consitently increased, a couple of days ago was the first time since February that The Spanking Zone has set a new record.  It is important that I let all you visitors know how much I appreciate the interest in my blog.  I hope I can continue to come through for you.

In these posts the majority have been M/F or F/F.  For this post I will be making the majority F/M.

Check out full videos at Strict women, Miss Audrey Spanks, Punished Brats, and Real Spankings.























F/F Spanking Photos and GIFs 3

A regular follower of The Spanking Zone was nice enough to email me Pixie photos and add to my already extensive collection.  I will share a few that fit this category.  You can see the videos these are from at Punished Brats, Real Spankings, Spanking Teen Jessica, Clare Fonda’s sites, Wired Pussy, and Northern Spankings.



































The Walking Dead/Spankable Characters

Before I get to that excellent show, that I am highly addicted to and been binge watching for the better part of 3 weeks, I want to say it feels good to be able to get into a show like that again.  From about late March/early April, until now I’ve been on a low.  When I say that I understand there are plenty of people out there who have it way worse.  And I haven’t been the best at handling life’s obstacles.  But a lot has hit me, in the past year.  Family issues, Family health, my own health, went through the biggest and most expensive scam of my life, found out I was a nobody to someone I deeply trusted and let my guard down to(I choose not to say lost a friend, because this person was there only when it benefited them, and everything was all her way, so really there was no friend to lose), was taken to court for the first time in my life for something other than a speeding ticket, and was completely defamed and falsely accused.  People who lie through their teeth, and are that fake have fooled me before.  But never for more than a year like this one.

Well now that I got that off my chest, back to what I was trying to say in the first sentence.  When feeling as down and low as I have for such an extended period of time, things that are usually enjoyable become not so enjoyable.  I was kind of numb to it all.  Between this show, and some sports related stuff that’s coming up, that’s starting to turn a little bit.  I also want to make it clear tho, that, that does not mean I will ever forget certain things that happened, or stop talking about what bothers me.

As far as The Walking Dead, I really can not believe that something zombie related has me this hooked.  I am not a horror guy at all.  When I think horror, I think disgusting, unpleasant heart jumping, and boredom.  This show is really disgusting, it does make my heart jump often, but is not boring at all.  The characters and stories more than make up for all the things that I can live without.  As I am doing this, I will try to be as vague as possible, because I don’t want to be a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t watched and is planning to.  Also I am only going to talk about adult female characters.  So I will stay away from the Lizzie stuff.  And as far as the men, someone else would be more qualified to talk about them in that context.

First character that I will mention is Lorie.  She is the main character’s wife.  There were many times I felt that Rick should put her over his knee and give her a proper spanking.  Often being bitchy for no good reason.  Having her jeans and panties pulled down and given a good warming would have done her a lot of good.




Next I’m going to talk about Andrea.  Many times I wanted to see her bent over and bottom bared.  Made many terrible decisions, and was the stereotypical woman attracted to bad boys.  Again I have to be very vague.  Don’t want to spoil anything.




That brings me to my least favorite character Carol.  Not much to look at, and in my opinion became evil in a lot of ways.  The recurring theme of eat or be eaten, kill or screw anyone over if it helps your interest, is very bothersome.  I know someone like that.  Has her inner circle of family and close friends, and the hell with anyone else.  Although this person wouldn’t get their hands dirty.  She would hide behind someone, and pay them(something other than money being that cash is worthless in zombie apocalypse) to do it for her.  Anyway a severe spanking, paddling, caning, switching, etc., wouldn’t be enough punishment for the sins of Carol.



Now a favorite of most of my friends Maggie.  Early on she definitely deserved a spanking for playing head games with Glenn.  As the show has gone on, she’s become one of the best characters tho.  And she’s hot!


The Walking Dead (Season 2)
Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) – The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC



Now my personal favorite, Beth!!  She may not be the hottest, but there is just something about her sweetness, and innocence, and that really cute face, that just makes me want her.  There’s only one thing she did early on, that I could think of, that’s deserving of a spanking.  But the hell with it.  I don’t need a reason to bend her over and pull those pants and panties down.  So sexy!  And I was shocked when I found out she’s 30!  I know someone 10 years older who also aged really well.