Best of The Spanking Zone 2016

2017 has gotten off to an extremely slow start, as far as my blogging.  Putting that aside, I need to do my 2016 countdowns.  It was my first full calendar year with The Spanking Zone.  With another month of 2017 almost gone, and The Spanking Chief’s awards winding down, it is about time I made this post happen.  Be sure to check out all the 2016 spanko award winners here!

Lets start with the Top 10 search terms of 2016:


10. spanking captions

9. spanking jeans

8. dani daniels spanked

7. dani daniels spanking

6. swimsuit spanking

5. spanking gifs

4. amber pixie wells

3. jeans spanking

2. spanking gif

1. spanking art


Top 10 views of The Spanking Zone by Country:

10. Mexico

9. Egypt

8. Netherlands

7. Australia

6. Italy

5. France

4. Canada

3. Germany

2. United Kingdom

1. United States

Top 10 Post Views of 2016:


10. Femdom Spanking Photos With Captions 2

9. Swimsuit Spankings

8. Fully Nude Spanking/Fully Nude Posing

7. Femdom/F/M Spanking and Role Play

6. F/F Spanking Photos and GIFs

5. Corner Time

4. Swimsuit Spankings 7

3. Clothes Best For Spanking

2. Jeans and Spanking

1. Spanking Art With Captions 2

Some observations with that last countdown to keep in mind for this year.  Viewers are obviously big fans of the art.  It’s grown on me quite a bit.  Dani Daniels is EXTREMELY popular.  No surprise there.  People love the female tops.  Lastly Jeans, captions, and GIFs are very popular.


Now onto my favorite countdown.  Top 10 views of photos for 2016:



























It should also be noted that it seems I’m not as much in the minority as I thought as far as liking something left to the imagination.


Leggings/Yoga Pants 7

It’s starting off a lot like last fall with this weather. You would think it’s going to eventually get cold.  Meaning the season of Leggings/Yoga pants is here!  All those lovely bottoms clad in those gorgeous pants, which define those cheeks so nicely.  And to spank a glorious legging clad bottom?  AMAZING!

Find more amazing Content at Firm Hand Spanking, AAA Spanking, Red Striped Films, Real Spankings, Real Life Spankings, and Spanked In Uniform.














































Leggings/Yoga Pants 6

While I was away I had the chance to speak to many pro spankos.  I was very happy to hear that more scenes that include girls in Leggings/Yoga pants are in demand.  Not surprising.  I can’t be the only one that sees a girl in those pants and immediately wants to put her over my knee.

These photos are from the following tremendous sites: Punished Brats. Firm Hand Spankings, Real Spankings, Dreams of Spanking, Spanked in Uniform, and Reality Kings.


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a-real-high-school-paddling-for-teen-girl-in-yoga-pants-a-3 (1)




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double-wooden-paddle-punishment-01-450x253 (1)


step-mom-spanking-daughter-otk-001 (1)


school-paddling-videos-with-bruised-bottoms-1 (1)


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My Second Spanking Adventure In Philly

It was earlier this week, and I was both nervous and excited.  2 emotions that always show up when I’m about to take part in spanking fun.  Was on my way to the same place, to meet up with the same girl, the lovely Audrey!  I left myself an hour and a half extra time, as to not repeat what happened last time.  The problem was, I couldn’t find my car!  Sometimes when I get home late, I have to park multiple blocks away.  Then I may go close to a week without driving again, being that I live at the same place I work.  It took me a half hour to find the dam thing!

I was getting very close to asking if we can please cancel until the following day.  I found the car with still an hour extra time to get there, so I decided to give it a shot.  It’s a good thing I was still that early, because even with all the extra time I was only 15 minutes early.  Veronica and Destiny were hanging out, outside the place.  I got a much more pleasant greeting this time, being that I was 15 minutes early as opposed to 45 minutes late, like the last time.

Audrey was also pleased, but that still wasn’t going to get me out of the bare bottom spanking I deserved.  It wasn’t long before I was warmed up and my pants and briefs were at my knees.  The spanking continued on my bare bottom.  After turning a nice shade of red, it was time for the cane.  When I got up, for reasons I can’t even figure out, I decided to be a brat and grab her ass.  Maybe not the smartest thing to do before a caning?

Audrey with an anxious and sadistic look in her face grabbed the cane.  I joked that the only thing missing was that screeching music played during that famous shower scene in 1960’s Psycho.

She smiled, lifted the cane up, and starting making a screeching noise.  We both got a good laugh out of it, but my fun was about to end.  Normally when I’m caned, the pain sneaks up on me.  I start to feel all confident, but then as the strokes add up, it becomes quite painful.  With Audrey it HURT from the very first strike!  Wasn’t long at all before it felt like sharp knives cutting through my skin.  Was by far the most severe caning I had ever had.  I then received another bare bottom spanking which felt amazing after the caning.  Then she shows me this small but thick paddle that she wanted to use.  She says “this isn’t that hard.”

I said “not that hard?!  It’s wood!  Of course it’s hard!”  I put up no fight. I bent over and I took a paddling until my bottom was bright red.  I was sore, but knowing it was now my turn took some of the pain away.  Her butt looked absolutely amazing in the tight black leggings she was wearing.  It was only a matter of time before they, along with her panties would be taken down.

I’ve said this about one other model before.  One of the things I love about Audrey is her range.  She can go from the dominating no nonsense top, to the bubbly sorry naughty little girl in an instant.  As a switch I love this!  Role play is one of the most difficult things for me, when in the feeling out process with someone.  Especially as a top.  Because as a bottom, how hard is it to follow directions?

I placed her over my knee and started spanking her wonderful ass with my hand.  I gradually spanked harder as time went on.  Then the leggings came down and I continued to spank her over her beautiful panties.  For me, a young lady has not been properly spanked until the panties come down and she gets it on the bare.  I spent most of the time letting her have it OTK.  I also let her have it bent over with one arm around her waste.  She took the strap, a small leathery paddle, and of course the hand.  I had her bottom ablaze when I was finished with her.

The best part was shaming the naughty Philadelphia girl in the pinstripes!







Remember, if you’d like to have your own fun with the adorable Audrey go here for more info!