Results For Week 12 NFL 2016/Picks For Week 13

Last week was a great week for the line makers as there were 3 pushes.  The Spanking Zone went 6-4-3.

That brings the 2016 regular season record to 71-47-7.

All Time Regular Season Record is now 125-109-12.

Now for Week 13’s NFL Picks(AMAZING it’s week 13 already)


The Broncos visit The Jaguars.  Neither team has been very good lately.  I think the Broncos can win by a field goal, but I like that extra half point.  I’ll take The Jags +3 1/2.


Chiefs visit The Falcons.  I’ll take The Falcons -4 1/2.

The Texans visit The Packers.  Maybe last week is a sign that Rogers has finally turned it around?  I’ll take The Packers -6 1/2.

The Eagles visit The Bengals.  I don’t have a feel of this game at all.  I’ll take The Bengals -1 1/2 since they’re home.

The Lions visit The Saints.  I see this game being a high scoring game that comes down to a field goal.  I’ll take The Lions +6 1/2.

The 1 WIN 49ers are a 1 1/2 point favorite ON THE ROAD against The Bears.  The line makers must know something.  If not I’m falling right into their trap.  I’ll take The 49ers -1 1/2.

The Rams visit The Patriots.  Even with Gronk out I think the Pats win this by 2 touchdowns easy.  I’ll take The Pats -13 1/2.

The Dolphins visit The Ravens.  This is another game I have no feel for.  In this case I’ll take the points.  Give me The Dolphins +3 1/2.

The Bills visit The Raiders.  Have to take The Raiders -3.

Bucs visit The Chargers.  Both teams had impressive wins last week.  I’ll take The Bucs +3 1/2.

The Redskins visit The Cardinals.  The way The Cardinals have been playing I have to take The Redskins and the 2 1/2 points.


The Giants visit The Steelers.  The Steelers win this game making next weeks Giant’s Showdown with The Dallas Cowboys meaningless.  I’ll take The Steelers -6 1/2.


The Panthers visit The Seahawks.  I’m going to have trouble giving up 7 1/2 points against anyone the way The Seahawks have been playing lately.  I’ll take The Panthers +7 1/2.


The Colts visit The Jets.  I’ll take The Colts -2 in Luck’s return.








Thanksgiving 2016 NFL Picks/Results For Week 9 Picks

Unfortunately I didn’t get around to making my picks the last 2 weeks.  What better time than Thanksgiving to get back on that.

After a few sub par weeks in a row I had a solid week, during week 9 going 6-4-2.

This Years Regular Season Record Is Now 65-43-4.

My All-Time Record is now 119-105-9.

And now for today’s games.  And it’s an exciting lineup.

The Minnesota Vikings visit The Detroit Lions in a big division game.  I believe these 2 teams are heading in 2 very different directions.  Vikings on the downside, and The Lions are starting to get it together.  I’ll take The Lions -1.

The Washington Redskins visit The Dallas Cowboys.  Weird things seem to happen with this rivalry.  It’s as if the records have been meaningless over the years.  Being bias has worked for me thus far this year, so I’ll stick with it.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -6.

The Steelers visit The Colts.  Andrew Luck getting 9 points and he’s home?  I can’t go any other way.  Plus this is not a vintage Steelers defense and The Colts have been playing a little better.  I’ll take The Colts +9.

So going with all 3 home teams on this Thanksgiving!

Results For Week 8/Week 9 NFL Picks 2016

Better, but yet another losing week for The Spanking Zone at 5-6.  Hopefully I can back on the winning track this week.


Regular Season Record Is Now 59-49-2.

All-Time Regular Season Record Is Now 113-101-7.

This weeks picks:

The Jaguars visit The Chiefs.  The Chiefs have been very good at home this week but for some reason I think The Jags will keep it within a touchdown.  I’ll take The Jags +7 1/2.


The Lions Visit The Vikings.  Vikings are a shell of the team they were early in the year.  Even on the road I’ll take The Lions +6.

The Eagles visit The Giants.  I think this game will come down to a field goal either way, so I will take the points.  Give me The Eagles +3.

The Dallas Cowboys visit The Cleveland Browns.  Dallas is without some key guys on defense and Cleveland is getting some guys back.  Still, with that offensive line, and just superior talent in general, I expect Dallas to win by at least 10 points.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -7 1/2.

The Jets visit The dolphins.  I think this is another field goal game either way.  I’ll take The Jets +4.

The Steelers visit The Ravens.  The Ravens have been very inconsitent this year, and Pitt gets their QB back.  I’ll take The Steelers -3.

The Saints visit The 49ers.  San Fran is awful, and The Saints have played much better than I thought they would.  I’ll take The Saints -4 1/2.

The Panthers visit The Rams.  Is last week a sign The Panthers are turning things around? At least for this week I’m going to say yes.  I’ll take The Panthers -3.

The Colts visit The Packers.  I see this game being a shootout with Green Bay winning by a touchdown.  So I’ll take The Colts +7 1/2.

The Titans visit The Chargers.  I think The Chargers will bounce back after last weeks division loss.  I’ll take The Chargers – 3 1/2.

The Broncos visit The Raiders.  Even with this game being in Oakland I’m surprised this game is a pickem.  I’d have a much easier time taking The Raiders if I was getting pionts.  I’ll take The Broncos in a pickem.

The Bills visit The Seahawks.  I think this game will be low scoring and The Bills will keep it close.  I’ll take The Bills +6 1/2.







Results For Week 7/Week 8 NFL Picks 2o16

Coming off The Spanking Zone’s worst week of the year(4-9) We will try to get back on track this week.

Regular season record is now 54-43-2.

All Time Regular Season Record is now 108-95-7.


The Green Bay Packers visit The Falcons.  It seems every year The Falcons jump out to a quick start and then drop off as the season goes on.  I have a feeling this is the start of the downturn.  Plus GB seems to be getting it together.  I’ll take Green Bay +3.

The Lions visit The Texans.  I know the Texans are home, but The Lions have the better roster and QB.  I’ll take The Lions +1 1/2.

The Seahawks visit The Saints.  The Saints are not the team they used to be including at home.  I’ll take The Seahawks -1 1/2.

The Patriots visit The Bills.  The Bills are the only loss of the season for The Patriots.  The difference is Brady is at QB this time.  I’ll take The Pats -6.

The Jets visit The Browns.  The Jets have been awful this year but they have also played the hardest schedule in the league.  I think they should be able to beat The Browns by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Jets -3.

The Raiders visit The Bucs.  This is the hardest game of the week for me.  I’ll take The Bucks In A Pickem, because they are home.

The Cheifs visit The Colts.  I’ll take Luck at home with points.  Give me The Colts +3.

The Chargers visit The Broncos.  I think The Broncos will win by a field goal.  So I’ll take The Chargers +3 1/2.

The Cardinals visit The Panthers.  Panthers have not been good this year.  I’ll take The Cardinals +3.

The Eagles visit The Dallas Cowboys.  The points scare me as I do think this game could come down to a field goal.  However picking my team has worked out great for me thus far.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys -4.


The Vikings visit The Bears.  I expect this game to be close.  I’ll take The Bears +3 1/2.








Results For Week 6 NFL/Week 7 NFL Picks 2016

So last weeks magical week was followed up with The Spanking Zone’s first under 500 showing since week 1.  6-7-1.

That brings the regular season record to 50-34-2.

All-Time regular season record is now 104-86-7.

For me football Sundays are just not the same with The Dallas Cowboys on a bye.  And the way they have been rolling, this is a terrible time for the bye to come.  Hopefully they get guys healthy, and keep the momentum going.  They need to stick with Prescott.  No reason to mess with what they have going.

Now for this weeks picks, minus Thursday and this morning’s London game.


The Vikings visit The Eagles.  I think The Vikings are the superior team.  I’ll take The Vikings -3.

The Saints visit The Chiefs.  I see The Chiefs winning by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Chiefs -6 1/2.


The Redskins visit The Lions.  This is a tough one to call and is a pickem.  I’ll take The Home Team Lions.


The Browns visit The Bengels.  The way the Bengals have played this year I’m not giving up 11 points against anyone.  I’ll take The Browns +11.


The Bills visit The Dolphins.  The Dolphins had an impressive win last week, but they will be facing a better D this week.  I’ll take The Bills -3.

The Raiders visit The Jags.  Both these teams are hard to figure out.  I think The Raiders have the better roster.  I’ll take The Raiders +1 1/2.

The Colts visit The Titans.  This has killed me all year but I have to take Luck again.  Especially getting points.  I’ll take The Colts +4.

The Ravens visit The Jets.  Ravens are tough to figure out and the Jets have been awful this year.  Without much confidence I’ll take The Ravens +1.

The Chargers visit The Falcons.  I see this game being a shootout in which The Falcons win by at least a touchdown.  I’ll take The Falcons -6.

The Bucs visit The 49ers.  I think either The Browns or the 49ers are the worst team in football.  I’ll take The Bucs +1.


The Patriots visit The Steelers.  After that embarrassing loss last week I expect the Steelers to play well at home.  Probably won’t win, but I’ll take the points.   Give me The Steelers +7 1/2.

The Seahawks visit The Cardinals.  This is a tough one to call.  I’ll take The Home Team Cardinals -1.

The Texans visit The Broncos.  The Broncos have been good this year, but I don’t think I can give up that many points.  I’ll take The Texans +8.







Results For Week 5 NFL/Dallas Cowboys Rolling!/Picks For Week 6 NFL 2016

The greatest week ever for The Spanking Zone.  11-1-1!  Figures my own state screwed me with my only loss, and only push.  But still, WHAT A WEEK.  Too bad I didn’t make a lot of real money bets.

That brings my record to a glamorous 44-27-1.

All-time record is now 98-79-6.

Not realistic to think I will beat last week, or even tie.  Just hope to be over 500 again.  Have to avoid a terrible week, so that this week can really stick.

Very excited about my Dallas Cowboys.  A lot of youth and excitement on offense.  With the way the line, Prescott, and Elliot are playing there is a lot to be optimistic about.  Some highlights from their win last week!:


Look at the blocking on this play.  Then once Elliot reaches the next level he uses his speed to split the only 2 guys who had a shot at him.  Then it became a footrace meaning NO CHANCE for the Bengals!






Now for this weeks picks:

The Bengals visit The Patriots.  With Brady settled back in and looking like he hasn’t missed a beat, and the way the Bengals have been playing I have to take The Pats – 7 1/2.


The Ravens visit The Giants.  This game will come down to a field goal either way.  I’ll take the points.  Give me The Ravens +3.


The Panthers visit The Saints.  Both teams have been awful.  Since they are home and getting points, I’ll take The Saints +3.


The Steelers visit The Dolphins.  The Steelers have been impressive this year, and The Dolphins have been anything but.  I’ll take The Steelers -7 1/2.


The Jaguars visit The Bears.  I have no feel for this game.  Normally with that the case I take the points.  But I actually put more into the homefield in this case.  I’ll take The Bears -3.


The 49ers visit The Bills.  Even with how the Bills are playing, and how awful The 49ers are, I’m not prepared to give up 7 1/2 points with The Bills against anyone.  I’ll take The 49ers +7 1/2.


The Rams visit The Lions.   If Detroit is going to do anything this year, they have to build off last weeks big win and beat The Rams at home.  I think they will.  I’ll take The Lions -3.

The Browns visit The Titans.  Picking The Browns and the points has been hit or miss this year.  I’m doing it again.  I’ll take The Browns +7 1/2.


The Eagles visit The Redskins.  I think the line is perfect for this one.  This tough division game will come down to a field goal.  With that the case I’ll take the points.  Give me The Redskins +3.


The Chiefs visit The Raiders.  The Raiders look like a very good, young, and up and coming team.  The Chiefs have not looked very good.  Also The Raiders are home and getting more than a point.  I’ll take The Raiders +1 1/2.


The Falcons visit The Seahawks.  I know The Seahawks are tough at home, but the way The Falcons have been playing this year I can’t give up that many points.  I’ll take The Falcons +7 1/2.


The Dallas Cowboys visit The Green Bay Packers.  Green Bay and Aaron Rogers hasn’t looked right so far this year.  With that the case, and the way The Cowboys have been playing I’m confident Dallas will win.  Plus I’m getting points.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +6.


The Colts visit The Texans.  Even as shitty as they have been this year, I’m still having trouble picking against Luck.  Plus I don’t think The Texans are that good.  I’ll take The Colts +3.


The Jets visit The Cardinals.  As bad as The Jets have been, I don’t see The Cardinals as the type of team that will blow teams out.  Even tho this has hurt me this year, I will once again take The Jets +7 1/2.





NFL Picks Week 5 2016

Other than week 1 it has been a solid start to the year for the spanking zone with NFL picks.  Trying for a 4th straight week of above 500 picks!

The Texans visit The Vikings.  The Vikings have played as well as just about anyone this year, especially on defense.  Plus they are home.  I’ll take The Vikings -6 1/2.


The Titans visit The Dolphins.  A matchup of 2 bad teams.  Titans have the edge at QB and they are getting points.  I’ll take The Titans +2 1/2


The Patriots visit The Browns.  The return of Tom Brady.  A backdoor cover worries me in this one but I have to take the Patriots despite the huge spread.  Give me The Patriots -10.


The Jets visit The Steelers.  The Spread definitely scares me in this one.  The Steelers have been really good and the Jets have struggled.  But I just have a feeling The Jets will play well today.  I think The Steelers will win, but I’ll take The Jets +9.


The Redskins visit The Ravens.  I think this game will come down to a field goal either way.  So I’ll take The Skins +3 1/2.

The Eagles visit The Lions.  The Eagles have been one of the surprise teams this year and the Lions have been awful.  However I think The Lions will be a desperate team today, and they are home.  They don’t win today, they have probably dug themselves a hole too big to climb out of.  Win or lose this game will come down to a field goal.  I’ll take The Lions +3 1/2.


The Bears visit The Colts.  Both teams have been really bad.  However in this situation I have to go with Andrew Luck.  It does worry me, that The Colts are coming off their trip to London and will be the first team ever not to have a bye directly after.  Despite that I’ll take The Colts -4.


The Falcons visit The Broncos.  Both teams have been surprisingly good this year.  This is another situation where I think the game will come down to a field goal and therefore have to take the points.  Give me The Falcons +4.


The Bills visit The Rams.  The Bills are coming off a huge win shutting out The Pats.  I expect them to continue playing well, despite being on the road.  I’ll take The Bills +2 1/2.


The Chargers visit The Raiders.  I have been wrong about The Raiders a lot this year, and I’m picking against them again.  Not because I don’t think they will win necessarily, but this another game where I have to take the points.  I’ll take The Chargers +3 1/2.


The Bengals visit The Cowboys.  I believe The Cowboys are the better team, are home, and are getting points.  Easy decision.  Too easy.  Which of course worries me.  I’ll take The Dallas Cowboys +2 1/2.

The Giants visit The Packers.  I have a feeling that this  might be a bad week for me because I am picking so many dogs.  I am again  here.  I think The Packers will win, but I’m going to take the points.  Give me The Giants +7.


The Panthers visit The Bucs.   Here I go again!  I’m not giving up 6 points with Carolina against anyone right now.  I’ll take The Bucs +6.


Edit:  Above I said I expected The Bills to continue playing well.  Then I accidentally typed that I was taking the Rams plus the points.  Obviously I meant The Bills.  I hope everyone will take my word on this.  And I fixed it.



NFL Picks Week 4 2016

Let’s see if I can make it 3 winning weeks in a row.  As usual I’m not getting these in, in time for the Thursday game.  Also I didn’t realize there was a game in London this week, so I’m also too late for Colts vs Jags.

The Browns visit The Skins.  I’m picking The Browns for the second week in a row because once again I don’t think their opponent is good enough to be a 7 1/2 point favorite against anyone.  Also the Browns have played tough the last couple of weeks.  I’ll take The Browns +7 1/2.

The Bills visit The Pats.  EVERYONE is picking The Pats.  I have said before that when I pick against the The Pats I get what I deserve.  The Bills are coming off an impressive win last week, Ryan is usually good against QBs with no experience.  Plus there is not much logic to this, but it seems too obvious.  Feel like Vegas knows something.  I’ll take The Bills +3 1/2.

The Seahawks visit The Jets.  I think it’s safe to say Fitzpatrick won’t be as bad as last week but The Jets are also stepping up in class as far as defense.  I’ll take The Seahawks -1.

The Falcons visit The Panthers.  Falcons have played better than I expected and The Panthers have been way worse than I expected.  Also the Falcons are home.  I’ll take The Falcons +3.

The Lions visit The Bears.  I hate giving up 3 points with The Lions against anyone, but I think I have to here.  Bears are dreadful and have no offense.  I’ll take The Lions -3.

The Titans Visit The Texans.  I took The Texans in my survivor pool.  But I am worried about it.  The most popular pick of the Skins, makes me nervous for some reason.  I’ll take The Texans -4.

The Raiders visit The Ravens.  The Ravens continue to be a solid team especially at home.  Even tho The Raiders are improved I don’t think they are ready to win in a place like Baltimore.  I’ll take The Ravens -3 1/2.

The Broncos visit The Bucs.  I have been wrongfully picking against The Broncos.  Watch them lose now that I decide to take them.  I’ll take The Broncos -3 1/2.

The 49ers visit The Dallas Cowboys.  I think Dallas is clearly the better team.  Prescott continues to improve as is their running game.  They have studs up and down their offensive line.  Other than their one impressive win week 1 The 49er have played as we have expected them to.  I’ll gladly take The Dallas Cowboys -1 1/2.

The Saints visit The Chargers.  I don’t think either team is very good but they can both score points.  I’ll take The Chargers -4 because they are home.


The Cardinals visit The Rams.  I would expect The Cardinals to bounce back in a big way after what happened last week.  9 1/2 points is a lot, but I can easily see The Cardinals winning by at least 10.  I’ll take The Cardinals – 9 1/2.


The Cheifs visit The Steelers.  I see this game coming down to a field goal.  I’ll take the points.  Give me The Chiefs +3.


The New York Giants visit The Vikings.  The Vikings have been impressive and they are home.  The Giants have a lot of flaws.  I’ll take The Vikings -4.